Cash Boxes K-10 N/B with Biometric Reader

K-10 N/B sa biometrijskim čitačemWith its robust construction, it provides a high level of security in keeping money and other valuables. It is suitable for use in banks, post offices and other institutions that have a need for storing important valuables. It belongs to the third degree of safety according to EN 1143-1 and PLUTO, MABISZ.

Locking the door is made by four-way mechanism with three locks: ELECTRONIC CODE – COMBY B-KABA MAUER „BRAVA (country of origin Germany), Lock with biometric fingerprint reader SOYAL AR-821 EF AND MECHANICAL SAFETY LOCK“ Kaba-Mauer „VDS CLASS II.

Electronic lock Code – Comby B „Kaba-Mauer is a reliable security lock with the possibility of delayed opening time period of 00-90 min. Lock can operate in three modes: parallel mode (using the open primary or secondary codes), Delegate dual mode (using the open primary and duplicate code, and true dual-mode opening cash register with dual code).

There is a possibility to choose paints outside the standard program of the RAL card.

descriptionheight (mm)width (mm)depth (mm)useful (m3)weight (Kg)
K-10 N/B13907908300.51000