Cash Boxes KN Series

KN SeriesCash boxes KN series are by their size and shape adapted to a wide use in small or large commercial buildings, banks, post offices and other institutions that have a need for storing valuable and confidential documents.

They are made of sheet steel with double walls, between which are materials resistant to mechanical damage and fire. Depending on the model, in the upper part a small safe with cylinder lock can be placed, for confidential documents and stamps. Closing is done by a massive door, and its locking allows four-way mechanism with two secure mechanical locks.

Model 3N cash box comes with one removable shelf, cash registers 5N and 7N with two removable shelves, cash registers 10N with three removable shelves and cash registers K-15N and K-2nd (double) come with four removable shelves.

width (mm)6906907907907901580
height (mm)82011201240139018901890
depth (mm)550550650830830830
weight (Kg)350500700100014002000
volume (M3)