Cash Registers BK-2

Blagajnička Kasa BK-2POS cash registers BK-2 with an electronic lock, (producer of „Kaba-Mauer“ Germany) is designed to equip work places in financial institutions, and can be used in other places where money is collected and dealt with.

The structure is adapted to easy installation in work desks of cashiers. The space consists of a security part and a part for manipulating and working with notes during business hours. The security section is constructed from high quality steel bars.

Closing the secure part of the massive door is fixed in two points, hinges, which allow easy opening. Locking the door provides a two-way security mechanism that is blocked by a trusted electronic security lock with delayed opening (time delay) of 00-90 min. Opening time can be programmed for a period of 1-9 min, with 1min. step.

Ral 7035 Siva

width (mm)450
height (mm)650
depth (mm)550
weight (kg)60