Day-Night Treasury Safes

Dnevno noćni trezor DNT

Day-night treasury safes are made in such way that it makes it simple and easy to deposit and transfer money to the treasury of the bank 24h. Vault is installed so that it is available to users regardless of whether it is during the bank’s working hours. Applications are mostly facade walls, or other walls that are available to users at all times. Depositing the contents in the vault is done by the user’s key which unlocks the security lock, and the treasury door can be opened.
By opening the door of the day-night treasury safe, a rotating drum starts and brings the place for the bag in the position for placing it. Placing the bags with its contents in the rotating drum, a condition is reached for closing the door of the safe. Closing the door activates the safety mechanism of the rotating drum for an angle that is required in order to, under the force of gravity; transport the bag to the collection point through the delivery channel.

With the closed door of the safe, the user locks combination lock with a key, allowing the procedure to complete. The safe consists of four basic circuits, including: the box, security door with the locking mechanism, security revolving drum and delivery channel.