Fire-Resistant Doors

Fire resistant doors are made of steel profiles and sheets with insulating filling and adequate corrosion protection. The doors are coated with special paint, which in contact with the flame expands, creating a layer about 10 mm, which enhances the fire resistant properties.
The insulating filling is of a multi-layer sandwich structure. The layers are defined by the required fire-resistance. The door has a stuck-on tape that spreads when in contact with a flame, closing holes, which prevent the passage of smoke. Door plates are physically separated by enhancing fire resistant properties. Doors are equipped with the corresponding shackle that consists of locks for fire-resistant doors from three parts, the cartridge with the key and the door knob. Optionally, a device can be placed on the door for self-closing. If the device is with the electromagnet, the door may be permanently open, and in case of fire, power goes off and the door shuts on its own.