Lockers for Weapon

OP-20Lockers for weapon storage with 20 tubes (OP-20)

It is made of binding steel sheet and it is arranged to allow stacking of two rows of the same type of weapons.

a) 10 and 10 semi-automatic rifles
b) 4-5 and 10-4 machine guns and semiautomatic rifles
c) 10 and 10 machine guns

The height is adjustable, so it allows you to adjust according to the type of weapons. At the top of the enclosure is a safe, locked with a cylinder lock, suitable for storing ammunition. The cupboard will be closed by double doors, with a built-in mechanism in the right door that is blocked by the corresponding cylinder lock. It is painted with good quality paints.

width (mm)940
height (mm)1800
depth (mm)450
weight (kg)110

OP-4Locker for weapons OP-4

It is made of binding steel sheet. It is quipped with a cartridge for storing guns, and at the top part of the locker there is a safe for keeping and storage of ammunition and other equipment. The dimensions and shape are adjusted so that it can be easily installed in existing furniture or as a separate element. The locker can accommodate 3, and 4 at the request of the buyer. Locking the vault and the main door is done by the lock cylinder.

There is a possibility of producing on demand, regardless of the standard RAL card program.

width (mm)300
height (mm)1500
depth (mm)250