Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent (Deposit Safes)

Safe deposit boxes for rent (deposit safes)
The main features of our safes for hire are reliable, precise production and good design. They are intended for keeping and storage of valuables, securities, etc.. Designed in a modular system which provides maximum utilization of space and that the possibility of upgrading i.e. capacity expansion. Service and repair are provided within 24 hours upon notification of a possible malfunction or damage.

Sefovi za iznajmljivanjeDeposit Safes

Door sizes of small safes are 75 mm, which increases the height of tape inside the safe and leaves more space for storing values. A tape that is inside the safe can easily fit an A4 folder. At the door there are special openings for the key that is used by the client and a bank official, which allows complete discretion and security for users. Safes are the optimum height of 1900 mm, which allows for easier utilization by customers who are not as tall. There is also a possibility for software tracking for opening the doors