Warehouse Shelves

In order to better utilize the storage space, Zimpa has developed two basic types of shelves:

1) Light warehouse shelves
2) Storage shelves

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The first group is intended for the storage of general, and other pellet cargo. However, considering the dimensions of the structure, the two main groups can be used for one and the other type of cargo depending on the weight and type of packaging. Also, both types of shelves can be combined so that the same one is used for both, general and pellet load depending on storage requirements and storage needs.

Metal Shelf MS-2000


Metal shelf is designed to accommodate documents in the offices and archives, as well as equipment storage room in homes, garages, workshops and other. It is made from temper steel.

Assembly and disassembly of shelves is easy with the use of simple tools.

ŠIRINA (mm)926
VISINA (mm)2000
DUBINA (mm)306

Elements of light warehouse shelves
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SB-200/50/2H 2000
SB-240/50/2H 2400


SB-100/30B 300
SB-100/40B 400
SB-100/50B 500
SB-100/60B 600
SB-100/80B 800

SB-50/385 x 65

The purpose of these racks is very wide ranging from individual to complete warehouse shelves that take up huge spaces. Goods that are held on shelves of such systems can be stored according to the most diverse needs. Installation is easy and simple, so virtually any storage space available can be used very rationally.

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For many years, Zimpa has been the authorized dealer and contractor for warehouse equipment of several well-known European manufacturers, so we are able to offer the automated, computerized and other specific storage requirements of the customer.