Cash registers K Series

Kase K Series

Cash registers of K series are adapted to widely purposes. The upper part of the cash register is made with double walls between which there is a special material resistant to mechanical damage and fire.

The useful space of the upper part is equipped with a small safe. Closing is done by a massive door, and their locking mechanism allows two-way security locks.

For K-301, the locking mechanism contains one security lock, and the K-302 two security locks. The lower part of the cash register has one-layer walls, and it closes by a light door which is locked by a cylinder lock.

The possibility of choosing paints to order outside the standard program of the RAL card.

Ral 7035 Siva

width (mm)5305306006507008001200
height (mm)1228122813001400140016001800
depth (mm)440440650600600700650
weight (kg)290290500750100014001500
volume (m3)