About us

Profitni Centar Ub, the leading Balkan company in the production of security equipment, forms part of Galeb Group since 2006 and the privatization of the company Zimpa а.d. The tradition, dating back to 1948, has successfully been continued. Today this company is the leader in the production of metal products in our market and one of the leading companies in the region in the production of security equipment. Production processes are upgraded with new equipment and state-of-the-art technologies – the latest lasers for metal cutting with laser beam, numerical machines and presses, automatic and the most modern line for plastification.

zimpaFactory of metal products

What classify this company as one of the leading of this kind in the region are the following features: adopted new business philosophy, new information system, expertise and training of staff, multiple increases of productivity and impressively better quality. We possess the ISO 9001:2000 standard, as well as other certificates related to the safety of products compatible with the EU standards on product safety. Our specialty is the production of security equipment that provides high level of security when keeping money and other valuables.

The production program consists of a large number of steel cash registers of various sizes, treasury registers, treasury doors, safes for rent, cabinets with boxes and other equipment necessary for equipping banks and other financial institutions. In addition to the above mentioned, standard production program and activities include equipping warehouses, service cutting and plastification of metals, safety apartment doors, hotel safes, metal accessories (wardrobes, office furniture, industrial and archival equipment …), advertising shelves, products made according to special orders and the like. Our regular business partners are the largest companies in the region.