Storage Locker (with or without safe)

Ao AOG-2000It is made of steel sheet with excellent mechanical properties. Locking is performed by two-way mechanism that is protected by the cylinder lock, and is located in the right-wing doors. It is designed for storage and preservation of documents. It is in two versions, with and without safes, also with two heights of 1800 mm and 2000 mm. It is quipped with a metal shelf that can be adjusted to the desired height. There is an option to incorporate an electronic lock as well.


width (mm)940940800
height (mm)180020002000
depth (mm)450450450
weight (kg)125150100

Open storage cupboard

width (mm)10001000
height (mm)18002000
depth (mm)400400

Security Storage Locker ASO-T


It is made of steel sheet with double walls. The air gap provides fire protection, which ensures fire resistance up to 60 min. By special request of the customer, the walls can be filled with thermal insulation material that provides fire resistance up to 60mins. Locking up is a double-layer mechanism, which is found in the right door.
In the upper part of utilized space, there is a specially incorporated safe which is locked by cylinder locks. Its basic purpose is for keeping confidential and valuable documents. At the request of the customer, it is possible to install a tile for sealing yarn. There is an option to incorporate an electronic lock as well.


width (mm)900
height (mm)1600
depth (mm)500
weight (kg)270

Lockers for Folder Storage

Ormani za kartoteku OK-4

The locker is completely made of metal. The telescopic slides provide a very simple handling of drawers. These are equipped with appropriate handles, spaces for labels, and central locking with cylinder locks.

Drawers are equipped with internal equipment that provides a specific desired function. Boxes S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4 and S-5 are metal and each of them has two sliding supports. Stands ST-1 and ST-2 are made of chrome wire and its dimensions are adapted to hanging folders. The locker and interior equipment are painted with good quality paints in appropriate shades.

Ral 7035 Siva

MODELwidth (mm)height (mm)capacity card (kg)
NO Drawer

Lockers for Microfilms

Orman za mikrofilmove OM-9Given the regulations regarding the storage of microfilm records the rooms must be air-conditioned. This box is used for storage of microfilm records, with film width of 16 mm and 35 mm. It consists of nine drawers, of 120 mm in height, each of which contains two longitudinal parts which divide the tray into three equal parts. Each compartment contains three removable supporters. Drawers are equipped with telescopic slides that allow its extension outside the locker. The lock is central for all drawers and it is insured by a cylindrical lock.

Ral 7035 Siva

width (mm)600
height (mm)1200
depth (mm)420
NO Drawer9

Lockers for Drawings

Ormani za crteže OC-5

Lockers with drawers are completely made of metal. Drawers are driven by slides with corresponding rollers that allow easy manipulation of 2/3 depth of the drawers.

Drawers have two handles and label spaces, and they are locked by one central cylinder lock. The cupboard type OR is intended as a base for OCV-5.

It is closed by sliding doors that are locked by a cylinder lock. It has one shelf that can be moved in height. This locker is designed to store wrapped up drawings.

width (mm)1200138012001380
height (mm)545550970545
depth (mm)780960780960
NO Drawer (kom)5510/