Transport Boxes

TS SeriesIntended primarily for storage of small elements (TS-1, TS-2) such as bolts, nuts, washers, pins, etc.. and larger elements (TS-3 TS-4) various semi-finished products, parts, finished products and so on. Commonly used in warehouses and stores. They are made of steel of appropriate quality. The dimensions are such as to allow easy and simple packaging, and final painting according to customer preference.

length (mm)239339477690
width (mm)140200300450
height (mm)170200200300

Pallet Box

It is made from temper steel, protected with basic color, and the final painting to meet customer requirements. They are intended for internal transport of elements in the production process. Adapted for transport by a forklift truck and can be packed on top of each other during storage. Dimensions can be adapted to meet customer requirements.
PST 1085


MODELPST 885PST 1085PST 1087
length (mm)80010001000
width (mm)800800800
height (mm)550550700
transport capacity (kg)100015002000

Warehouse Trolley

Warehouse trolley MK-2 (with 2 wheels)

Magacinska kolica MK-2It allows for easy transportation of goods in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other areas. Trolley frame is made of steel pipe, which holds two wheels of solid tires, fitted with round bearings.

transport capacity (kg)250
width (mm)420
height (mm)1150
weight (kg)18

Warehouse trolley MK-6 (with six wheels)

Magacinska kolica MK-6Intended for internal transport, sometimes includes movement on the stairs. Produced so as to allow easy movement on an even or uneven (stairs) surface.

transport capacity (kg)360
width (mm)500
height (mm)1200
weight (kg)20.5

Warehouse Shelves

In order to better utilize the storage space, Zimpa has developed two basic types of shelves:

1) Light warehouse shelves
2) Storage shelves

Regalna skladista

The first group is intended for the storage of general, and other pellet cargo. However, considering the dimensions of the structure, the two main groups can be used for one and the other type of cargo depending on the weight and type of packaging. Also, both types of shelves can be combined so that the same one is used for both, general and pellet load depending on storage requirements and storage needs.

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